About Us


The Founder has more than eleven years of experience in the field of Laboratory equipment, especially tools related to Temperature & Humidity measurement, such as the Climatic/Stability Testing Chamber and Walk-In Stability Room.

We learned a lot from this experience: the requirements, consumer needs, and obstacles that arise in the field. To further develop and apply this experience, we finally decided to establish a company specializing in developing Climatic/Stability Testing Chamber and Walk-In Stability Room. So in 2011, CV. SARANA LAB INDONESIA was founded.

In terms of age, our company is still very young. But, still, in terms of experience, we have handled the manufacture of laboratory equipment, especially the Climatic/Stability Testing Chamber, for approximately 11 years, from designing, producing and after-sales service.

In our records, we have previously designed and produced more than 40 Climatic/Stability Chamber units and two Walk-In Stability Rooms. However, from this experience, of course, there are still shortcomings, and improvements are needed to produce tools according to the needs and specifications that have been determined.

Vision & Mission

We are producing quality domestic goods, especially Stability Testing Chamber and Walk-In Stability Room, by continuously making innovations, as well as helping to encourage domestic products to become mainstay products.